Analyzing and Structuring Product Portfolios

© Ludmilla Parsyak, Fraunhofer IAO

Is your service portfolio described and designed concisely? Do you know where a specific service is positioned in comparison with others from your portfolio or those of competitors? Businesses of any size need transparency about their portfolio, regardless of whether they offer product support services or intend to do this in the future, face changing market conditions, plan internal reorganization or just do not have a catalog of services.

Range of Services

In order to be able to ensure maximum transparency towards the inside and outside, an enterprise needs to clearly define and structure its spectrum of services. This contributes to well-organized marketing of services, better internal resource planning and support for strategic activities.

Our range of services includes:

  • Determining the structure and content of the current service offerings and locating them within the business portfolio
  • Conducting a portfolio analysis in order to assess the services
  • Identification and prioritization of requirements for (re-)structuring
  • Presentation and/or design of the future service portfolio as required:  Compiling a catalog of services including service descriptions and/or design of service levels and/or re-structuring of the service portfolio in accordance with current requirements of market, customers or providers

We support you in all phases of the presentation and design of your service portfolio or catalog of services towards the inside and outside and contribute to the analysis process with a neutral perspective and a lot of experience. This enables you to match your portfolio directly to your business and customer requirements.

Reference Projects

We have long-term experience with the design of business portfolios in many different industries. Some reference projects are:

  • Establishing modular service portfolios and combined services for machine building & plant construction companies
  • Structuring and description of the service portfolio of a small business in the automation technology industry
  • Analysis of the service portfolios of several packaging machine manufacturers
  • Designing a service offering for in-house social management for a social service provider