Developing and Testing of Services

© Ludmilla Parsyak, Fraunhofer IAO

Will businesses still have to wait for the accidental »inspiring idea« for the development of new services, the stroke of genius providing a competitive advantage? How do you proceed then in order to translate a good idea into a successful service? Questions like these have a high real significance for all those aiming at »inventing« new services and developing new markets. Benefit from our comprehensive competence whenever you want more than just think about new services but also put them into practice successfully.

Range of Services

Our services include, without limitation, working out the following tasks:

  • Identification of suitable ideas for new services
  • Determining the requirements of customers and employees
  • Working out detail concepts
  • Development of test scenarios and testing of services
  • Market launch assistance
  • Designing development processes for services

We rely on a wide range of specialist and methodological competencies for our projects. New and future-oriented projects aim at early visualization of new ideas for services and the simulation of services using Virtual Reality and Service Theater tools. The ServLab, which is the first laboratory for the development and test of services world-wide, is available for use if necessary.

Reference Projects

In the past ten years, we have supported more than 40 enterprises from various industries in the development of new services. Our clients include renowned corporations as well as small and medium-scale enterprises:

  • Development of a multi-media museum guide system for Audi AG
  • Development and test of technology-aided nursing services for the Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering
  • Working out and testing new business concepts for tailor-made clothing manufacture for Bivolino N.V.
  • Development of the Data Capture Services for Océ Document Technologies GmbH
  • Testing the »Knowledge on Demand« service for Siemens Switzerland
  • Employee-focused development of private customer services of the Vollmer GmbH building cleaning service