Designing Business Models for Services

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Changing market conditions, new customer requirements or the availability of new (technological) solutions make it necessary more and more often for businesses to customize or redevelop their business models. In order to ensure an optimum potential of benefit for customers and, at the same time, efficient and profitable service delivery, a systematic design of future-oriented business models is required for service and solution providers of any size.

Range of Services

We develop new and innovative business models together with you for both new and existing services as well as for offerings combining services, technologies and products in benefit-oriented solutions.

Our range of services usually comprises the following activities, the scope of which can be tailored individually to your needs:

  • Survey of market, customer, and business requirements
  • Study and analysis of the existing business model and identification of potentials for improvement on the basis of the requirements collected
  • Conceptual design of a future-oriented business model
  • Identification of actions for implementation and support in the realization phase

With our systematic approach and our external and independent perspective, we establish future-oriented solutions systematically and together with you. We employ scientific methods for project implementation that have proven their efficiency in practical application: e.g. market and competitor analyses, customer segmentation, measurements of benefit and willingness to pay as well as process analyses and optimizations.

Reference Projects

We have long-term experience with the design of business models in many different industries. Some examples are:

  • Establishing a business model for an international package of services for a medium-scale mechanical engineering company
  • Design of several business models for the services of a major industrial gas producer
  • Design of hybrid business models in the health and wellness sector