Optimizing Service Processes

© Ludmilla Parsyak, Fraunhofer IAO

Process organization is without doubt a key parameter for an increase in productivity. This has not been easy in the production of goods and is even more difficult in the provision of services, where the human factor is often a critical success factor on both sides - customers and employees. The use of new technologies is another challenge involved.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO analyzes requirements and current processes, identifies potentials for improvement - taking the perspectives of both customers and employees into account - defines indicators, simulates target conditions and provides technological support. Assistance is provided for organizational changes in the implementation phase and qualification training is supported as necessary.

Range of Services

In order to be able to improve workflows, transparency about the requirements and the actual process involved must be established. This focuses on activities, their sequence, their resources and the current use of technology. Finally the improved target processes are modeled. The analysis is performed taking the perspectives of both customers and employees into account.

Our range of services includes:

  • Identification of requirements for service processes from various perspectives
  • Analysis and documentation of current processes
  • Presentation and discussion of intended target conditions
  • Definition of indicators
  • Identification of potentials for improvement, taking the perspectives of both customers and employees as well as the use of technology into account
  • Implementation planning
  • Support during the implementation of organizational changes
  • If required: Support for qualification training

We scrutinize your service processes and identify potentials for improvement. The neutral view from the outside, the consideration of different perspectives (e.g. employee and customer perspective) and the application of both commonly used methods and innovative ones are our success factors. Combined with your knowledge as an insider, we develop individual process solutions with a promising future together with you.

Reference Projects

We have long-term experience with the design of service processes in many different industries. Some reference projects are:

  • Analysis of service processes at various machinery and plant engineering and construction companies
  • Analysis of processes in retail trade
  • Analysis of processes in selected hospitals
  • Optimization of passenger and logistics processes at an international airport
  • Development of a key indicator system for the services of an automation technology company