Conducting Market Research for Services

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Market research is expensive? Customer surveys are not for small and medium-scale enterprises? These are only a few of the preconceptions cropping up when discussing what customers really want and where markets will develop. Rather, the trick is to choose the right approach and suitable methods in order to reach the goal as efficiently as possible.

Benefit from our long-term know-how in conducting individual studies and surveys.

Range of Services

We conduct many different types of surveys for our clients:

  • Market analyses
  • Customer surveys
  • Trend analyses
  • SWOT analyses
  • Employee surveys

We do not offer »off-the-shelf market research« but customize our services to your specific needs. In this regard, we have comprehensive competencies available for conducting surveys and studies. A wide spectrum of methods is applied with high precision:

Questionnaire-based surveys, interviews, case studies, focus groups, expert interviews.

After clarification of your requirements, we establish a concept of the intended survey and discuss it with you. We carry out the survey or study without delay, analyze it and prepare the results in the agreed format.

Reference Projects

In the past few years, we have conducted surveys and studies for numerous service providers. Some reference examples are:

  • Customer survey for SHE Informationstechnologie AG
  • Study about cooperation between the Life Sciences and Engineering & Automation industries for BioRegio STERN Management GmbH
  • Employee survey for e-pro solutions GmbH
  • In-depth analysis about managed services among customers of Siemens AG
  • Study about visitor behavior in the »museum mobile« of Audi AG

In addition to surveys and studies under direct contracts from business, we carry out empirical studies within the scope of research projects on a regular basis. Recent activities comprised the following studies: